Why 2012 BMW 528i has become the best selling Sedan of 2012.

BMW 528i is a line of stylish mid size sport sedan, with a focus on efficient performance and advanced high tech features. While the new 2012 528i is packed with enough performance related technologies to make any serious enthusiast wary, the driving experience feels remarkably connected and direct. Despite all the electronics and technology enhancement, the 2012 528i does give a real sporty drive sensation.

It has a great natural sensation on center and plenty of roads feel in tight corners. Driving dynamics control helps the 5-series fill your need, whether that’s taking on a canyon road or taking your family to a picnic. The 2012 5-series has a very traditional sports interior, if you look at the seating layout. The front seats are as comfortable as you expect from the BMW automakers. There is plenty of trunk space that too with enough legroom.

The 2012 BMW has kept its reputation of equipping its vehicle with luxury and comfort along with a smooth, safe and athletic road drive. Active blind spot detection, a lane departure warning system, Xenon adaptive headlights, active cruise control and a new second generation night vision system are some of the outstanding specification offered by 2012 528i.

The time is changing, and the preferences for base engines have been changed as well. The BMW 528i makers were well aware of that hence the traditional line six cylinder base engine has been replaced by turbo charged four cylinders. The very reason behind the substitution was to make the sedan look and work like a sports sedan. The new 528i base engine can make 240 horsepower and 2550lb-ft of torque. The best thing about the engine is; the torque can reach its limit at just 1250 RPM. The auto stop start technology bmw used cars Houston enhances the fuel mileage, which means the car will be auto shutdown when not needed. With its break regeneration and other fuel technologies, the car is meant to give you EPA rating of 23 miles per gallon in city and 32 miles per gallon at highway. The BMW already has an excellent reputation for its safety aspect; the 2012 528i has an excellent handling plus one of the best tuned electronic stability control system. There are many other high tech safety features such as brake fade compensation which adds confidence to your drive. You can find your dream BMW such as 528i and others at used BMW x3 Houston.


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