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The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle is not the type of car you buy because you need it, but because you absolutely want it. It has been summarized as a car that deliver heavily on style, image, emotional appeal, and ownership that transcends mere transportation. The 2012 Beetle is an attractive selection in its own way. All of its mechanical and technological features are as remarkable as you expect from the name, Volkswagen.

The powerful engines wrapped up in familiar road shapes are efficient enough to carry the image of excellent Volkswagens that we use to know. The car gets attractive by its design and striking shape, the 2012 Beetle will definitely force you to like it both from inside and outside. If you own a Beetle 2012, it’s obvious that you are making an unmistakable style statement. The road impression of the Beetle 2012 is surprisingly more than expected. The car provides you with comfort, luxury, athleticism and a phenomenal road grip. The car does everything well and efficiently. The steering is direct and responsive, and the overall behavior is compact, safe, and even refined. The 2012 Beetle’s interior layout is elegant and sophisticated whereas the instrument panel is highly attractive and accommodatingly functional. The interior is a testament to the fundamentals of a clean and simple design.

The 2.0 L turbocharged, a favorite of many in numerous Volkswagen products makes 200 of horsepower. The turbocharged comes up with 3 bonus gauges for boost, timing and oil pressure. With most of the 205 lb-ft of torque on offer @ 2500 RPM, the Beetle turbo drops the 0-60 Mph to well under 7 seconds. The Beetle is more vocal than ever, but it’s quite endearing to Beetle enthusiasts. The major upgrade by automakers is in rear suspension section. The upgrade has helped in flattening the handling and beefing up the road grip. The turbo Beetle comes equipped with a XDS, an electronic system that tries to simulate a locking differential. The redesigning of Beetle has given it a masculine shape. It’s approximately 3 inches wider and a half foot longer from its previous models resulting in more legroom and headroom for both the passengers and the driver. Volkswagen has a strong history in designing crash safety vehicles and the 2012 Beetle is no exception. The car has a decent selling record and it’s definitely an affordable luxurious vehicle recommended by credible dealers such as used Mercedes Benz Houston TX.


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