2009 BMW 750i Or 2009 Mercedes Benz S550, which Sedan should you pick

The new corporate Puritanism extends to automobiles, too, but in this area you have a little bit more latitude. These two dominant cruisers are arguably the flagship sedans with prestige brand names. Both the sedans are elegantly subliminal and likely to attract many sedan enthusiasts just by their shape. Both offer power, comfort, upscale interior modifications and sophistication in technology.

In 2007 we judged the BMW 750i’s blend of bridge-girder solidity, advance technology, pulse-raising performance, distinguish interior, and a quiet operation with a whole day long comfort. However, the reviews showed us that the Mercedes Benz S550 remained the tough competitor to BMW with equally matched specs and a slightly better interior, which is obviously a trademark for Mercedes S class vehicles. The BMW automakers have worked hard to upgrade their interior designing but still they aren’t competitive to a simple smooth designed Mercedes. The Mercedes S class also won the best looking interior honors in 2007. When picking a vehicle, the thing that tops the podium is the dynamics of that vehicle. Drive test have proved that the Mercedes was as quick as the BMW was but again when it comes to handling and ride quality, Mercedes outclass BMW by a slight margin. The mid range throttle response of Mercedes was a bit smidge over BMW and it’s exhaust note, though subdued

, Mercedes Benz S550 was distinctively more satisfying. In order of scoring magnitudes, both the sedans are exceptional buy used Mercedes . The offending elements were ergonomics. In exterior styling, interior styling, shocks, and finishing, the sedan enthusiasts have rated the 2009 Mercedes S550 a bit better than the seven series BMW 750i. When it comes to power generation, the twin turbo 4.4 L V8 engine of BMW 750i can generate a productive 360 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque which is enough to carry the body mass and the acceleration which is admired by everyone. The Mercedes Benz S550 has a wonderful power train. The 5.5 liter V8 is rated at 382 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque and its silken power flow meshes well with the smooth, silent shifting of the 7-speed automatic transmission. Discussing about the fuel consumption, BMW 750i edges over Benz S550 by a small margin. Conclusively, we can sum up the discussion that the Benz is competent, the BMW is compelling. The Benz is willing and the BMW is eager. You can further visit used Mercedes Benz Houston TX to have a practical ride difference.


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