What’s new in the 2015 BMW M4

Written By Fred Patrick

2015 BMW M4 With the new 4-series taking the previous 3-series coupe’s place in the BMW line up, the M4 is a new name BMW Pre owned cars Houston for an-all new version of previous M3 coupe. Many, many changes have been brought to the new addition but foremost among them is a new turbocharged, powerful, potent base engine. A bump on the hood hints at the extra power underneath, with a much more aggressive and aerodynamically effective set of body work at nose, sides and tail gives it a much sporty look.

The BMW automakers have enhanced the range of 4-series by introducing Gran coupe, which means they are eager to dominate the sedan/coupe market for another year. With the 4-series range expanding, the 2015 M4 retains the powerful engine choices, excellent driving manners, innovative technology and stylish design. The distinctive thing about the 2015 M4 is the room for five, and is able to carry cargo easier, largely thanks to its wide opening lift gate. The 2015 M4 takes the performance traits of its previous models with a bit enhancement to its agility, acceleration and road balance. If you are fond of throwing your car into the corners, the M4 with its wider stance and lower center of gravity will be the perfect partner for you. The friendliest thing about the 2015 M4 is the introduction of free scheduled factor maintenance.

The maintenance includes oil change, brake pad, discs replacement and drive-belt maintenance. The 2015 M4’s interior cabin is quite luxurious for those in front and just adequate for rear seat passengers. The control panel is within the reach of driver, and the iDrive system has start getting familiar to the users. Other changes that have been brought inside are the M badges, upgraded sports seats, power mirrors and racier looking carbon fiber trim which add to the high performance look and a luxurious cockpit like feel. Under the hood; The 2015 M4 comes with a 3.0 liter twin turbocharged engine with its entire unit upgraded and improved to its previous model. The engine is capable of producing a mammoth 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque which is unbelievably fast and potent. The 2015 M4 coupe hits 0-60 in just 4 seconds when it’s coupled to a six speed, rev-matching manual transmission, a perfect choice for authentic shift lovers. The average mileage of 18/26 miles per gallon will provoke many economical coupe enthusiasts and they will love to have a test drive at credible dealers like used Lexus is 250 Houston.


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