The 2012 Ford Expedition is the best SUV to accommodate large families.

The 2012 Expedition is the largest full size SUV made by Ford. This versatile SUV is perfect for large families and contractors with its oversize cargo area, exceptional horsepower and some distinctive optional upgrades. Everyone deserves a vehicle designed for high expectations and the Ford makers rarely disappoints. The 2012 Ford Expedition delivers with a luxurious well appointed interior and world class engineering. The Expedition stands out for its large interior, smooth drive and quality handling.

The Expedition possesses a full size truck hauling ability and you can use it for carrying your heavy luggage. The 2012 Expedition’s 9200 pound tow capacity is best in its class by far and its exterior hasn’t been influenced by its size. Most importantly, the 2012 Expedition with its independent rear suspensions offers a smooth ride that is more car-like than most big, truck based SUV’s. The Expedition is best SUV for long family drives. With its combination of utility, a smooth stable ride and a pleasant easy interior, the Expedition is the best choice for families that tow or take driving vacations. The 2012 Ford Expedition include Advance Trac electronic stability control system with Roll Stability Control including standard sway control that detects trailers sway motion and takes corrective measures to bring both the trailer and vehicle under the driver’s control.

The 2012 Expedition is powered by single overhead Cam 5.4 Liter V8 rated at 310 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque. A six speed automatic transmission is standard equipment. The whole package of engine feels adequate with the chassis which’s enough to carry the colossal weight SUV at any surface. The six speed automatic transmission runs seamlessly through the gears, keeping the engine laboring through its rpm range. The result is a lot of power. The 2012 Expedition tracks down the highways with excellent straight line agility, and absorbs impacts from bumps or broken pavement without straying away from its path. Inside, the 2012 Expedition features a rich blend of finishes, textures and colors. Wood, chrome and leather make the Expedition an inviting place to spend your time on road with your family. The layout of gauges is simple, elegant and easy to control. The 2012 Expedition stands out with superior driving comfort, elegant interior and utility package amongst the other SUV’s and it could prove to be your safest best in SUV market. Book your Expedition or Jeep wrangler at dealers such as used jeep wrangler Houston.


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