The 2011 Mercedes Benz E350; the car that dreams are made of

For nine generations now, the Mercedes Benz E class has been more than a car drivers dream about. In fact, it is the car that what other cars dream they could be. And no wonder, the latest model of prestigious E class known as Mercedes Benz E350, does things you never imagined a car would do. Nothing matches the enjoyment of driving with the top down on a beautiful day. But while many vehicles tend to disappear from the roads in the fall, the Mercedes Benz E350 provides driving pleasure all year long. The automakers have worked hard and execute the concept according to the need and luxury of the buyer. Their success is quite evident as the 2011 E class was amongst the top-notch vehicles of the year.

The Mercedes automakers are best in improving the technical incorporates and the 2011 E350 is one of their masterpieces. The new AIRCAP draft shop technology, which can be activated on a push of button helps in reducing the wind turbulence, quieting the cabin and also keeping out the cold air. The new AIRSCARF heating system is another additional feature which helps in extending the top down driving season. The 2011 E class is perfectly engineered for year round use and thermally insulated soft-top is the best example of finest engineering. When conventional fabric roofs are closed, road noise comes with territory, to negotiate that unpleasant experience the automakers have designed a sound absorbing, insulated one inch thick top that makes the interior pleasant and quiet.

Safety is one of the top priorities of Mercedes vehicles and their safety record is as good as one should expect from prestigious brand name. With a list of long innovative features that keeps the driver and passenger secure, the 2011 Mercedes E350 offers the most extensive safety equipment package in its vehicle category. The traditional high standard roll over bars, modules behind the rear seat backrests are automatically deployed in span of few seconds in case of any emergency. To provide even more protection in the event of roll over, the already robust A-type pillars are strengthened with additional high protective steel tubes. Furthermore, the 2010 E350 also offers driver’s assistant system 2011 Mercedes Benz E350 including ASSISTANCE ASSIST drowsiness detection, PRE-SAFE anticipatory occupant protection and DISTINCTIVE PLUS adaptive cruise control. The 2011 E350 is by far a high tech incorporative car and you are most welcomed by dealers such as used Mercedes Benz Houston TX to have a look.


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