Ten good reasons that makes the 2007 Honda Accord a benchmark of its class

The Honda Accord is a legend in automotive world. Renowned for its reasonable price, excellent build quality, powerful yet fuel economical engines and high resale value, and that doesn’t even cover its exceptional reputation value for overall value of ownership. The Accord has won 10 best cars award 20 times in 24 years. The 2007 model of Accord is no exception; it has carried the same legacy for which Accord is famous for. Here are some of the reasons why the 2007 Honda Accord is a benchmark of its class.

If you need a roomy family sedan with an impressive reputation for reliability, comfort and luxury, The 2007 Honda Accord would definitely be your right pick.

With the interior amenities and all-round sophistication offered by the automakers, the 2007 Honda Accord is arguably the toughest competitor in tough Sedan market.

Honda offers the same top of the line trim levels on its four cylinders and six cylinders, a practice every sedan lover wish more manufacturers would apply. Inside and outside, the car is best described as efficient. The body is quite eye catching that has clean and neat lines wrapped tightly around the chassis. The interior simply evokes your emotions and offers a very easy working.

The 2007 Honda Accord also has a great voice activated navigation system on its option list that enables an easy guidance through your street and city maps. The 2007 Accord’s body panels line up with all the precision of a crack drill team, and overall fit and finish remains unmatched. Under the hood is the Honda’s ultra-smooth, DOHC 2.4 Liter four cylinders with variable timing and lift on the intake side only, technology Honda calls I-VTEC. It makes 166 horsepower and 160 lb-ft of torque.

Raw performance is one thing, but intrinsically, Honda’s motor is best in class. The 2007 Honda’s excellent throttle response and broad torque band make it the one you want to live with every day. The entire driving experience is exceptional; everything feels as good as it should be. The quality of ride is comfortable and direct. The estimated fuel economy is around 32 mpg for highway which is quite fair in this tough economy world.

Furthermore, the 2007 Accord includes the features which makes the driver feel confident and comfortable, that’s why the 2007 Honda Accord is still the benchmark of its class. Head out to dealers pre owned luxury vehicles such as used BMW x3 Houston who offer Honda’s automotive as well.


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