The 2005 Dodge RAM 1500: A vehicle designed for tough conditions

Piles of snow, below zero temperature, high steeps and unusual surfaces are the cue for Ram engineering to suit up and get to work. Every year the dedicated engineering team takes advantage of naturally occurring elements to produce vehicles that stand by their owners, no matter how bad the conditions are. The 2006 dodge RAM is fully capable and its components will withstand the harshest environments in U.S and Canada.

The 2005 dodge RAM 1500 has received significant upgrades under the skin, namely a fresh frame. The new architecture is stiffer, with 17 percent in bending and approximately 6 percent in torsion. Bolted to the 2005 RAM’s stronger bones is a heavily revised suspension, which sports retuned springs, bushing and monotube dampers and a new front control arm as well. The 2005 RAM also offers a large front crush zone and replaceable rail tips. The 2005 Dodge RAM 1500 on road benefits are also evident. The vehicle feels more responsive and locked down around the high-speed turns. The handling is quite good and enjoyable in the tight road course. The best thing about the 2005 RAM 1500 is its dedicated system to protect areas of potential vulnerability. The diesel tank and lines are made of materials to allow hard freeze without breaking.

An independent system just keeps enough DEF above freezing to allow start up while meeting tailpipe emissions. The industry’s exclusive RAM Active Air intake system is also an exception in its class. When the intake system senses extreme heat, it draws cooler air from the front of vehicle that engages at high altitudes Dodge RAM 1500 for superior throttle response in low-oxygen environments.

The ride, even with huge 20 inch wheels was compliant, making the reworked cabin now with more insulation, thicker glass, triple door seals and a new instrument panel with an available navigation system. The vehicle also offers more enjoyable and even quieter space to occupy. Power came from Dodge’s renowned 4.7 Liter V8 Magnum engine, which is efficient enough to carry the RAM 1500 at any surface with pride and ease. With 235 horsepower and 250 lb-ft torque teamed with 4-speed multi automatic, the RAM delivers strong, immediate power as well as impressive numbers. The 2005 RAM 1500 is undoubtedly the best RAM ever and will keep Dodge in the run against all the new entries from other brands for good three four years. Used jeep wrangler Houston deals in Jeeps and RAM trucks designed for tough conditions.


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