The 2013 RAM 1500: A necessary part of your every off-road adventure.

Written By Fred Patrick RAM 1500

The 203 RAM 1500 is a truck built to perform in some of the most unforgiving terrains, a truck so comfortable off-road that Four Wheeler magazine named it pickup truck of the year. With a maximum tow rating of 10,450 pounds and some fantastic innovative features like Trailer Sway Control, an Integrated Trailer Hitch and Hill start Assist, the 2013 RAM 1500 is just as qualified to get your off-road toy to the trail as it is one of the trails itself.RAM engineers have put in a lot of effort to make their massive pickups more efficient and nice to look at, and have succeeded in both endeavors, although mostly in latter. The RAM 1500 boasts best in class fuel economy for its Hemi V8 engine paired with new Torqueflite 8 speed automatic transmission. A start-stop feature that shuts the engine off at intersections is between a host weight and fuel saving measures.

The 2013 RAM 1500 provides you with extra confidence for your off-road family trips. The Trailer Sway Control recognizes a swaying trailer and automatically applies individual wheel brakes and reduces engine power to attempt to eliminate the sway. The Integrated Trailer Hitch eliminates the problem of dangling wires. The 2013 RAM 1500 offers 4 or 7-pin trailer hitch wiring harness and connector with a convenient plug-in connection integrated into the rear bumper. The Hill Start Assist detects when your truck is on an incline and works to prevent the truck from rolling backward. Gone are the days when off-road journeys were risky, with the 2013 RAM 1500, off-road adventures are as easy as an on-road highway drive.

For such big trucks, owner never prioritizes the interior and rate is a secondary thing. However, for RAM automaker, interior is as important as every other innovative feature. The seats are comfortable, the cabin is quiet and the AC works great on a hot day. Both the small and large screens are functional and easy to use. The exterior design of 2013 RAM 1500 is very attractive. The grille is bigger and its forward slant gives the truck a rakish look. The 2013 RAM offer a smooth and quiet drive even on bumpy surfaces. The air suspension handles bumps well, and allowed for changing ride height to increase clearance for towing. The body roll is minimal and truck handles quite well. In short, the truck offers everything necessary for an Off-road adventure and is rated on same page of highness as used jeep wrangler Houston.


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