What it really feels like to have a new 2015 BMW M4.

Written By Fred Patrick 2015 BMW M4

The 2015 BMW M4 might be an unfamiliar name, but the performance and image fit right with the legacy associated with the more familiar M3 name. The 2014 M4 is a car, which provokes you to really push it hard. The 2014 M4 has definitely surpassed the high standards set by its successor M3. The M4 is the high performance version of BMW’s 4-series coupe, gaining more power, much tighter suspension tuning, dual clutch transmission and host of other upgrades. It will excel on the track and grudgingly allow you to drive it to work everyday.

Put it all together, and the 2014 M4 is ferocious on the roads. It will give you miles and miles of sheer joy piloting it down twisty back roads. The 2014 M4 also highly favors the track day participants and amateur racers with all its power and willingness to meet the driver’s need.

Any driving impression of an M-badge BMW must start with the Engine, using word excellent for the 2014 M4’s engine might be an understatement as it offers more than you expect. It might not tingle the spine like the sonorous V8 did, but the new twin-turbo inline 6 is a gem in its own right. It not only produces more peak power than the outgoing engine, but also makes more everywhere in the engine’s rev range. The 2014 M4 can be docile around town, but it will still able to do proverbial smoky burnout and chirps the tires between upshifts when you ask it to.

The 2014 M4 uses electric-assist rather than traditional hydraulic assist. It is highly responsive buy used BMWs , exceptionally precise and is not complicated at all. Much of the M4’s deserved praise is due to the highly effective active differential that distributes power to the appropriate side depending on myriad variables. The car’s handling is more confident and capable than any other car of same type and different brand. BMW make the 2014 M4 close to a manual transmission experience as possible, yet with the advantage of incredibly fast gear changes and the engine’s rev matching magic, the dual clutch transmission presents some unique characteristics. The 2014 M4 also offers a multitude of settings. The throttle could be in efficient, sport or sport plus. Steering could be in comfort, sport or sport plus. You will be comfortable in this car BMW x3 Houston and you would absolutely love the specs of 2014 M4. Route out and book your 2014 BMW M4 at used BMW x3 Houston.


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