The 2014 Ford Explorer keeps a lock on the Mid-size SUV market

Written By Fred Patrick

Ford Explorer

More than two decades ago, the original Ford Explorer defined the modern sport-utility vehicle and ignited American’s appetite for SUV’s. The 2014 Explorer continues to lead the midsize cross over segment in sales, ahead of archrivals like the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, and Nissan Pathfinder. Among midsize crossovers, the 2014 Explorer still leads the pack in terms of overall sales, roughly 50 percent more to the 2nd placed Toyota Highlander. The Ford Explorer has become the vehicle of choice for many law enforcement agencies too. Not only does the 2014 Explorer meets the CHP’s acceleration, braking and handling demands, it easily handles payload requirements for offices and all their gears.

The 2014 Ford Explorer is capable of modest off-road adventures, if you choose to explore where pavement ends. No matter where you are driving, the 2014 Explorer’s electric steering and brake pedal are perfectly calibrated, making it easy to drive this SUV very smoothly even at unsmooth surface. You can take the 2014 explorer Ford Explorer for your long family trip, and you will surely thumbs up for its solid and secure feeling on the open road. The 2014 Explorer Limited model’s 20-inch wheels and tires helped, but the Explorer also tackled Highway with remarkable grace buy used cars .

Dynamically, the 2014 Ford Explorer impresses. The 3.5L V6 engine is just strong enough to motivate the 2014 Explorer’s hefty curb-weight, which is more than 4,500 pounds before you start adding people and cargo. The 290 horsepower 3.5L V6 is currently the most popular choice in crossover lineup. Depending on the chosen specs, a properly equipped Explorer can tow 5000 pounds. The 2014 Ford Explorer comes standard with front wheels drive and optional All wheel drive. As far as the ride and handling are concerned, the midsize crossover is remarkably athletic under surreal control.

If you are seeking a roomy, versatile and technically advanced SUV that is more comfortable and fuel-efficient than truck based vehicles like Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford’s latest will definitely fits the bill. Just as the latest generation, Explorer shed its old skin for a more refined, contemporary image, and so it goes when you hop behind the wheel. The 2014 Explorer feels more like a soft-sprung sedan than a rigid truck, which makes it more comfortable, bordering on lumbering quality ride. The 2014 Ford Explorer fits for your everyday drive, off-road adventures and on-road trips. You can compare Ford Explorer to latest Jeep Wrangler at dealers like used jeep wrangler Houston.


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