Looking for a viable performance oriented car: The 2010 Land Rov

Looking for a viable performance oriented car: The 2010 Land Rover LR4 is the right choice for you.

LAndrover 2015

The 2010 Land Rover is the latest iteration of the mid-size SUV that built the American reputation of the British Off-roading company on its back. As far as sports utility vehicle buyers are concerned, the 2010 LR4 has what it takes to capture the hearts of drivers who crave the ultimate SUV luxury experience. The LR4 continues its tradition of balancing extremely modern styling cues with the familiar box-like shape that has become a Land Rover trademark. Unmistakably a Land Rover, the LR4 comes in for an exceedingly subtle outward metamorphosis. There’s a larger intake in the restyled front bumper, which itself has been reshaped to enhance the aerodynamics. New headlamps, LED tail lamps, a trio of new paint colors and new 19 and 20-inch wheel designs round out the exterior tweaks.

Inside, the designer has lavished substantial attention on the 2010 LR4 accommodations. The dashboard and center stack have been cleanly restyled and simplified, exorcising many of the buttons that used to clutter up the space. Much like to the exterior, changes to the dashboard and controls are refinements rather than revolutionary alterations. Some elements, like the new piano black accent that extends from the lower center stick and extends back to surround the shifter, maybe in vogue. The interior refit pays off by improving the 2010 LR4’s driving experience. Were it not for the obscene amount of fuel required for shoving a tail, blocky, heavy thing through the air, this would be an ideal vehicle for long-legged journeys.

One quick boot of the accelerator pedal delivers results of the most significant upgrade to the LR4. The new 5.0-Liter V8 speaks with authority and pushes the 2010 LR4 with the assertion to match. With 375 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque, the new NA mill puts out nearly as much as the old supercharged V8. Despite the robust gain in power, direct injection allows a ULEV 2 emission rating, and there is more bandwidth to the power curve. Variable camshaft timing and an effective 11:5:1-compression ratios are directly responsible for the attentive throttle response and refined manners. The new 5.0 V8 has a muscular worthy exhaust note and offers a significant power increase over its predecessor without any economy penalty, even with more than a half liter of extra displacement. The 2010 LR4 will also give you a feeling of solidity and it is equally enjoyable as the used jeep wrangler Houston is.


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