102: The 2009 Lexus ES 350 offers you a plush ride, strong performance and soft interior.

102: The 2009 Lexus ES 350 offers you a plush ride, strong performance and soft interior.

102: The 2009 Lexus ES 350 offers you a plush ride, strong performance and soft interior.

Where it is competition caters to drivers preferring a more sporting drive experience, the 2009 Lexus ES 350 makes no apologies for its heavily weighted luxury trappings, cocoon-like cockpit and velvety smooth ride. While sporty sedans may be the need these days, luxuriousness still brings home the Bacon. A case in point is the 2009 ES 350. The 2009 ES 350’s core virtues are readily apparent. A classy looking cabin stocked with soft leather and high material greets every occupant, and road imperfections always seems a few layers of isolation away. As for ambient noise, this Lexus is quieter than thousands of pounds of moving metal have any right to be.

At its heart, the ES 350 employs a 3.5 Liter V6 that drive the front wheels through the six-speed automatic transmission. Good engines are as bulletproof as they come and this one is no different, turning out a solid 272 horsepower and 253lb-ft of torque. The transmission comes with a clutches-manual mode that is sometimes very useful. Anyone who has driven this car has backhandedly summarized its performance as smooth, comfortable and at times athletic.

Speaking of speed, the ES 350 hits 60mph from 0 in lithe 6.2 seconds. Via an electronically controlled sequential fuel injection, an optimal fuel mixture creates a precise burn, higher output and lower emissions that are substantial improvement over the previous generation engine. As one would expect, the ride and handling are truly luxurious and equally akin to big brands such as Audi A4 or Used BMW 5 series. The suspension is of strut-type that also comes with a speed sensitive rack-and-pinion steering assembly as well as stability and traction control system. The ground clearance is also adequate enough to take this car on high steeps and rough roads.

One thing that’s of extremely high quality about this car is fit and finish; both outside and inside. Manufactured tolerances at Lexus are at the very highest in entire industry and on full display in aerodynamics bodylines of the 2009 ES 350. If there is any shortcoming outside, the ES more than make up for it with arguably the most luxurious interior in the entire entry-level luxury cars. The electronics, like automatic dual zone climate control, and trip computers are happily easy to use for everyone. In short, Lexus has once again its worth and durability and you can also have a practical test drive at our dealers such as used Lexus is 250 Houston.


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