Top of Line Cars for 2015


Used Audi

Audi is a German automobile company serving in the industry since a couple of ears. This automobile manufacturer is the member of “German Big 3” automakers including Mercedes and BMW. Audi has a good image in the minds of customers and always comes with something new and innovative for the car-lovers.

Some recent luxurious models by Audi include:

–          Audi A8

The luxurious full size, four door sedan is a great success of Audi. Having fine design, it got great response from the market. This sedan has got multiple features such as leather and wood interior trim, climate control system, a great audio system and highly comfortable seats. New combustion engines were introduced in the year 2005 and in this year 3.2 unit engines were placed in Audi C6 A6 and AUDI B7 A4. In addition to this, safety system was also introduced. This Audi Side Assist system notifies the driver during an attempt of changing the lane without giving a signal. Both the interior and exterior of all versions of Audi A8 are exceptionally designed, giving it a perfect look of a luxurious car.

–          Audi A3

This model of Audi is a compact based car model having three generations. Initial models have three doors with a hatchback bod, in order to give it a sporty look. Besides this, inline four cylinders are used in all versions. After the first generation, Audi A3 model was revised and more innovative accessories were integrated such as six speed manual gear box, big headlights, enhanced interior look etc.

–          Audi A6

The Audi A6 is another success in the list of luxury cars. This executive car has four generations. Currently standing in its fourth generation, this car comes in different versions such as CA, C5, C6 and C7. The CA version is of 90s and it has the turbo diesel along with a four wheel design. The C5 version started from 1997 and lasted till 2004. This version is available with a number of variations and configurations. Audi A6 made a high profit in market as this model made the drivers crazy and some are of the view that this is the most comfortable mid-size car ever.

–          Audi A4

This compact executive car also has fourth generations. Having a longitudinally placed front engine, it comes with both, front and wheel drive system. The recent one in Audi A4 is the B6, B7 and B8 type cars. They received great response from the customers due to their extreme classy look that tempted the buyers to purchase them. The B7 cars are widely known for their safety system. It includes anti-lock braking system, side guard curtain air bags, electronic stability programme etc. It is one of the best safety cars of the year 2007.

Summing up, Audi is a well-known brand, having some out class luxurious cars with the integration of top-notch technology. This brand is competing well and bringing great competitive models every year.


Cadillac is the brand of General Motors Company and it is one of the oldest automobile brands in America. This brand of luxury vehicles has its target market in China, United States , Canada and other 34 countries around the globe.


The Cadillac Catera Turing Sedan is a mid-size luxury sports vehicle offered. This CTS sedan was first offered with four door style and is now available in three different styles such as 2 doors, 4 doors and a 5 door sports wagon. This CTS has also won the award of Motor Trend Car of the Year besides having a distinguished identity of a highly ranked car among the upscale midsize cars of the year 2014.

–          First generation

The first generation CTS ranges from 2003-2007. The model introduced in the year 2003 was the first one having manual transmission. CTS-V was introduced in the year 2005. The main motto of this version is to introduce a high-class luxury model that can compete with Mercedes, Audi, BMW and other big names in the market. Dynamic features of the model includes elusive exterior, T56 6-speed manual transmission, upgrading suspension, 5.7L LS6 V-8 and so on. Offering a sleek style, this model is a sophisticated vehicle of the modern era, fulfilling all requirements of a luxury brand.

–          Second generation

The second generation CTS ranges from 2008-2013.In this generation, innovations are implemented in comparison with the first generation. Braking, steering and suspension all are upgraded to make it a car according to modern requirements. CTS of this generation are roomier and have a different exterior. Large headlights, 18-inch wheels, larger grille, surround sound system, 40 GB hard drive and remote starting adds an attractive appeal.

–          Third generation

The present CTS sedan 2014

Arrival of this model has been introduced in the year 2013. Besides having a twin turbocharged V6 producing 420 horsepower, it comes with 2.0L turbocharged I4. Fully aligned with latest technology and light weight interior, this new model of CTS has all the features of a luxury car. Leather steering, high-quality wood and anodized aluminum is skillfully used to make the interior extremely classy. As far as the seating is concerned, rich leather covers are used to provide comfort. Ventilated and heated seats add convenience and the illuminating interior lighting defines the interior in a more outstanding way.

Not only is this, but one can also enjoy the parking technology in it. Yes, it automatically scans the available area for parking and makes the steering parallel to it. The drive needs to use only the accelerator and the shift brake. In addition to this, the weight balance of the car is also great. Crystalline LED lights are present at the front and upper corners. These lights serve as daylight lamps and thus eliminated the need for long daylight lamps.

Summing up, Cadillac is a brand having a luxurious image in the minds of its customers. Serving since many years, the innovative techniques of travelling convenience makes it remarkable and worth-buying.

Used Lexus Cars

–          Lexus – Toyota brand

Lexus, a luxury vehicle introduced in 1989 is a brand of Toyota Motor Corporation. This Japanese luxury vehicle now stands at a unique position in the international car market and is sold across 70 countries of the world.

Lexus main models according to categories:

–          Lexus ES

The Lexus E6 is a perfect package of comfort and luxury. Offering a V6 engine, this model is power –efficient with a smooth running and exciting drive. As far as the space is concerned, the ES version has ample space and comfortable seating, providing a calm and composed drive. Interior is well- structured, having a moon-roof, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, 8 speaker audio system, satellite radio, USB port and so on. Not only is this, but there are a number of optional features as well such as back camera, cross traffic alert, navigation system etc. Different version of the ES model includes Lexus ES 250, 300, 330, 350, 240 etc.

–          LEXUS GS model

The GS version of Lexus came with aggressive styling and sporty suspension in the F-Sport package. This mid-size luxury car has gained great popularity and thus it has been introduced in different generations. Further classifications in GS model include Lexus GS 300, 430, 350, 450 etc.

–          LEXUS LS model

This full size luxury sedan is another success by Toyota. It is one of the most luxurious sedans ever introduced in Japan and thus different generations of the car has been introduced. All of them came with a V8 engine and dynamic features, making it a real-time luxury car. Different versions of the car include Lexus LS 400, 430, 460 and so on.

–          LEXUS RX model

Lexus RX is a mid sixe luxury car by Toyota. Three generation of the car has been introduced with V6 engines and hybrid systems. The first generation was compact-sized while the other two were mid-sized.  Usually Radiant Crossover is been associated with the name R, but at some places, it is related with Recreation Cross Country. Some of its versions include Lexus RX 300, 330, 400, 350 etc.

–          LEXUS GX model

This is the sport utility vehicle offered by Lexus. Having a 4.7 liter V8 engine, this model was introduced in two generations with a base of Prado. But the front styling was updated, to give it a Lexus look.

Hybrid cars and the most expensive sedan

V6 hybrid performance sedan was introduced by Lexus in the year 2006. Lexus also produced the most expensive sedan in Japan at a selling price of US$125,000. Besides this, F marque performance division was also introduced by Lexus in the same year.

The list of Lexus cars goes on and on, each having its own appealing features. This luxury brand has a great name in the car industry and it has captured a huge market of US, North America and many other states. New versions of the car are introduced every year, with some innovative technology, letting the customers to grab it quickly!

All about Mercedes

Mercedes is a brand used for luxury cars, buses, trucks, coaches etc. It is a German company and has a great position in the market of luxurious automobiles. Mercedes competes well with other big names of the market such as BMW, Audi etc. Let us have a look at some great models of Mercedes.

–          Mercedes Benz CLS Class

Mercedes Benz CLS Class is a great success of Mercedes. This was launched in the year 2004 and was based on W211 E-Class. Two generations has been introduced up till now. The first generation ranges from 2004-2010 while the second generation is from 2010 till present.

–          First generation

Some models of the first generation are CLS 55 AMG, CLS 63 AMG, CLS Grand Edition, CLS sound suite etc. The CLS 55 AMG has 5.4 liter V8 compressor engine with a horsepower of 469 and 516 pound-feet torque.  Embedded with the AMG suspension, it has a superb braking system and an unmatched interior to make your driving experience amazing. Besides this, The CLS grand edition hit the market with its thrilling palladium silver color. Having a dirt-free and scratch resistant property, this car has titanium alloy wheels and an exclusive body with a leek and stylish design.

–          Second generation

The hit list of the second generation includes F 800 Style, Concept shooting brake, CLS Class sedan, CLS 63 AMG, CLS 350 and so on. The dynamic features of F 800 includes curved air intakes, great LED lights, grey metallic color tone. The hybrid drive system has a V6 gasoline engine and a sport look of the car makes it attractive and economical. As far as the CLS class sedan is concerned, it has a 4 door style and is curvier than other sedans of the same group. The exterior is really classy, besides this it has a twin-turbo V8 engine, smooth drive, multi-clutch technology transmission and much more. The CLS 350 is also a big hit with its top-notch features such as electronically adjustable moon roofs, convenient interior having hand rests, paddle shift, keyless start etc., anti-lock braking system, day-time lighting lamps and so on.

Thus, Mercedes has always produces some out of the box cars for its customers. Used mercedes Houston cars are popular around the globe, used mercedes cls 550 is a good choice in these days. No matter which car you buy, convenience should be your priority. So, start searching used mercedes benz houston tx.


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