Family friendly features of Land Rover 2014

Family friendly features of Land Rover 2014


Land Rover introduced a new model in the year 2014. Though this model does not have completely new specifications but the new technological features of the car has impressed a huge clientele. Let us now have a look at the highlighting features of this car. Here you go:

This new model of Land Rover provides you a smooth drive on any road. Having four different trim levels, it provides you a number of choices. These four trim levels of the car include HSE, SE, autobiography, and supercharged. Besides this, the car can accommodate five passengers at a time. However, you can increase the seating capacity to seven persons by adding an extra row that can accommodate two persons. The overall look of the car is sportier but it is a family friendly car. You can easily use it for routine driving and have a wonderful driving experience.

It comes standard with the eight-speed transmission and a V6 engine that has a capacity of 3.0 liter. Besides this, it gives a good fuel-economy and gets an EPA of 17 mpg at city and 23 mpg at highway. The features of the car are so helpful that even the new drivers can drive it with ease. There are many safety features as well and in total, it has everything that a family car should have. Seating is comfortable and fine quality of leather is used for them. Kids can also sit easily in the car with the steps present for them. The interior ambience is good and the compartments are well structured. As far as the price is concerned, it is just average and the features of this car justifies the price well. In short, the car provides a number of features as standard in the car and has only few critics. If you are searching for family friendly features in the car, then having a test drive of this model seems to be a good decision.

You can also have a look at cars like used 4 door jeep wrangler, used Lexus SUV Houston, used BMW x5 Houston, and some other cars designed for families. This Land River is also available in the second hand version. You should buy it from the dealer who finances cars and deals in used models as well. Such dealers have reasonable rate of interest and their policies are sound. Start searching online and make a deal for this model.