BMW X1- 2013

By Fred Patrick – The BMW X1 was launched in the year 2013. This car has both rear as well as front wheel driving options. Some thrilling features of the car are mentioned in detail:

–          Interior and exterior design of the car

The overall design of the car is stylish. Not only is the front, but the back of the car is also given a modern touch. As far as the interior of the car is concerned, it is designed in such a manner that fulfills all the requirements of the driver and the passengers. The interior is designed in an artistic way that combines comfort with an elite look. The electroplated elements of the interior make the car ultra-modern and create an environment that satisfies every requirement of a luxury car.

–          Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption of the car is very moderate and due to this X1 is economical for everyone. It comes with an automatic start and stop function. With this function, the car automatically stops in traffic jams thus there is less fuel-consumption. Besides this, whenever your car stops temporarily, your fuel is not wasted in it.

–          Driving assistance

This modern car comes with a dynamic navigation system that helps the driver to look at the 3D image on the front screen. Not only is this, but there is an iDrive system in the system that helps to control the entire functions with just a click. Thus, BMW enables you to drive smartly without using much power.

–          Safety

The car ensures safety of its passengers and due to this reason; it comes with a camera that gives a clear image of things around your car. On the other hand, it comes with a dynamic cruise control system to relax the driver on long ways. Besides this, the car has a road safety system. With this system, it alerts the driver before an accident thus provides maximum safety.

The thrilling features of the car just not end here.  BMW X1 comes with a number of great apps that provides convenience to you while driving. To create an entertaining environment, you can switch on the infotainment system and get into the world of social media and entertainment. You can also have the facility of Bluetooth connectivity, USB connection and much more. You can search this car in cars for sale in houston or in used luxury cars. There is a great demand for used cars for sale in houston. So, grab your BMW X1 right now!



The Ford Fusion Hybrid- Review

By Fred Patrick – The Ford Fusion Hybrid is supposed to be the most outstanding midsize sedans for the year 2014. This tag was given to this car due to its amazing features, top-notch technology and ultra-modern design. As far as the consumption is concerned, it comes with 40mpg fuel-consumption. Since it is a hybrid car, it is essential to go through its manual in detail to understand the functionality and working conditions of the car. This car comes with an adaptive cruise control system. It is helpful in going for a long drive or when the driver is not able to pay hundred percent attention. Not only is this, but the car also comes with Blind Spot Information System. Besides this, it lets you aware of the traffic coming from the side when you are driving your car back from the parking lot. Thus, you do not have to see here are there. For further assistance, the car is embedded with such technology that finds the empty space itself for parking the car. For this, you just need to drive the car slowly and leave the rest of the things to the automatic system of the car.

As far as the price of the car is concerned, it is fair enough. By comparing the features and technology of the car, the buyers will get more what they invest. According to the car lovers, Ford Fusion Hybrid is one of the most highly demanding family cars. Besides providing the top-notch facilities, this amazing car also ensures a safe dive for your family. It is due to the reason that the car has a crash alert system installed in it. This system lets the driver know about post-crash by the headlights and the automatic horn sign. Thus, experiencing an accident is a rare case in Ford Fusion. Coming towards the space of the car, it has enough space for a small family of four to five. The interior of the car is simple and stylish. The test drivers are of the view that the car is overall comfortable in drive.

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BMW X4 – smart and efficient

By Fred Patrick – The new BMW has grasped the target market with its amazing features. For all BMW lovers, this article will provide a comprehensive review of this luxurious car. The main and distinctive features of the car include:

–          Interior

The interior of the car is perfect to create an ultra-modern look. The seats are adjustable and one can easily rest in BMW X4. Besides this, the leather steering and other compartments are designed with a unique look. The steering is of sporty look and it enables you to complete the action without requiring much power.

–          Exterior

This car comes with a unique and firm exterior. Having the LED technology, it has two optional headlights. Attention is given on the front of the car while the back is equally designed with a sophisticated touch.

–          Engine

The X4 model comes with both Twin Power petrol as well as Twin Power diesel engine. This makes the car work more efficient and economical in use. Besides this, there are less CO2 emissions and the fuel consumption is moderate.

–          BMW apps

This great model of BMW enables you to stay connected with the global world. Whether it is entertainment, communication or information, you are virtually connected with the world on the go. The BMW apps enable you to do surfing by using your smart phones and tablets. Not only is this, but also being stuck into traffic jams is not possible when you are in X4. Yes, it is due to the reason that it gives you real time traffic information. This enables you to change the routes if there are traffic jams.

–          Convenience and comfort

With the X4 model, you do not have to start the car with the key. You cannot only open the doors but can start the engine as well through a Comfort Access system. Besides this, it has enough room for the passengers. Both the front and back seats are designed in a way that provides ultimate comfort.

All in all, BMW X4 has all the features that a luxurious and convenient car should have. It ensures hundred percent safety and security of the passengers as the car has been tested several times before the final launch. The professional engineers have designed the car in a lightweight and equipment used in the car is of premium quality.

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Review of BMW X3 SUV

By Fred Patrick – The new BMW X3 introduced in the year 2014 has gazillion of exciting features. From economic use to luxurious styling, it has captured the market so well that almost eighty percent of the customers are going for it. It is equipped with a 2.0-liter diesel engine that gives a smooth and quiet drive besides providing an economical solution for travelling. On the other hand, this SUV has plenty of space and it is perfect for a small to medium size family.

In comparison with the old version, this model has now been updated with innovative changes that have tempted the customers. This new version comes up with new headlight style and new rear as well as front bumpers. The main theme for changing the style of headlights is to give it a more defined SUV look. The sound problem which was identified in predecessor models is now resolved with a new motor. Attention is primarily given on the engine and facelift while rest of the features is still the same. However, the X3 drive is smooth and does not produce unusual sounds even on the highway road where heavy vehicles are around you.

As we talk about the interior of the car, one can experience an updated infotainment system with added features of parking system, auto headlights, iDrive rotary controller with touch pad and so on. However, the steering of the car is a bit heavy but the leather interior and sleek design is perfect to create a luxurious environment for a family. Moving on towards the exterior of the car, it comes in multiple colors, each having its own elegance and style. The body of the car is firm and has been designed in a way that can easily handle every climatic condition. Whether it is a rainy day or a drive on highway, your decision to take X3 is perfect.

Thus, this new and enhanced version of V3 SUV has greatly removed the drawbacks of the former models and came up with a new engine and infotainment system. This model has gained so much popularity that people who are facing a budget problem, are looking for it in used luxury cars. It is also available in pre owned cars for sale and in online car sales. Buying this comfortable package of BMW X3is a wise decision. It is available at affordable ratesand you can get it on lease from a reliable dealer in your town!


All about BMW Convertible – 4 Series

By Fred Patrick – If you are a car lover, you must have heard about the latest BMW 4 series convertible introduced in the year 2014. This car is an enhanced version of the 3 Series model by BMW. In this article, you will learn about the dynamic features of the 4 series and how did it capture the market with its sophisticated style.

This model comes with a topless design and it is well equipped with the technological comfort in comparison to its predecessors. The top cover of the cover opens automatically when the speed goes up to 11 mph. This top cover lets you enjoy the peaceful weather while it makes equally calm environment when closed. The interior of the car is almost similar to the 3 Series version of BMW. It has all the essentials of a luxury car. For entertainment, it has an infotainment system having a screen of 6.5 inches. Along with this, it comes up with an optional navigation system through which the travellers can write the contact numbers, destination names, and search for maps by fingers. It also has a zoom in and out feature that helps the driver to understand the address of the destination if needed. Apart from the exclusive design, this car is spacious enough for a family of four.

Under the category of BMW 4 Series convertible, there are different versions such as Performance M Sport Line, Luxury Line and Sport Line. Some features that are common among these versions include Bluetooth connectivity, HD radio, automatic climate control, fog lights, 17-inch alloy wheels, power-adjustable front seats and so on.

Not only is this, but the car also offers some optional packages such as the weather control package, premium package, lighting package, technology package and the driver assistance plus. Besides the amazing features of this car, it also ensures hundred percent safety for the travellers. Due to this reason, the car has been tested several times before its launch. The Driving assistance system assist the new drivers to drive with safety. It comes with automatic brake system and has a camera to detect any collision with human or animal standing on the road.

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